Ductless Air Conditioning

What are the key benefits of ductless air conditioning?

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What is Ductless Air Conditioning?

As the name hints, ductless cooling systems do not require ductwork. Instead, ductless ac units are designed for easy installation procedures, avoiding costly traditional ductwork renovations. A ductless installation design is an excellent alternative for Pittsburgh home renovation projects, historic homes, or buildings where ductwork installation is not suitable. Are you converting rooms into a living space? Ductless air conditioning can benefit a home or business, remodeling a garage, attic, or basement where centralized air does not satisfy your comfort zone.

The basic ductless air conditioning system consists of one outdoor unit and one indoor unit fastened together by electrical wires and copper tubing. During the installation process, a gap is cut into the wall to permit the electrical wiring and refrigerant line to be run from the indoor and outdoor unit. One outdoor unit has the ability to connect to multiple indoor units that remain on their own temperature system. There are various models available depending on what works with your unique situation and our team at 412 Ductless is available to assist you.

Preserve the integrity of an older house lacking room for ductwork
Unique rooms transformed into a living space, such as a basement, attic, or garage

How Does Ductless Air Conditioning Work?

A ductless air conditioner operates through a similar process as a typical central air-conditioning system. However, instead of cooling the entire home like central air, an ac ductless system blows air directly into a specific room.

Once the system is turned on the outdoor unit fills the copper tubbing with coolant that is directed to the indoor units’ coil in liquid form. As the liquid coolant changes into a gas, the heat and humidity in the air are removed as the indoor air blows over the coil, emitting cooler, less humid air back into the specific space. As the coolant gas goes back to the outdoor coil it is transformed into a liquid and releases thermal heat to the outdoor coil.

What is the outcome? A ductless air conditioning system meets your desired comfort zone easily without affecting the temperature of each room in your home or business. There are many benefits to daily customization to room temperature that lead to freshly circulated air in your home. Contact your local Pittsburgh ductless experts today to answer any questions you may have on how ductless air conditioning can be customized for you!

A single-zone ductless air conditioner has only one outdoor unit and one indoor unit
A multi-zone ductless AC has multiple indoor units-up to eight for each outdoor unit
What's Right For Your Home?

Individually control up to eight zones from one outdoor unit for ideal personalized comfort throughout your home or in a single defined space.

Single Zone Solution
Multi Zone Solution

Difference Between Ductless Air Conditioning & Central Air Conditioning?

Let's take a look at the key differences between a ductless cooling system along with a more traditional central air conditioning system. The significant difference is a traditional air conditioning system has a centralized indoor unit that circulates air through installed ductwork. In contrast, a ductless unit blows air directly into the living space from the indoor unit. 412 Ductless experts are happy to assist Pittsburgh residents in directing them to the right ac system for you!

Ductless AC

No Ductwork
Flexibility With Zoned Temperature Controls
Cost Savings on Utility Bills
Whisper Quiet Operation

Central AC

Costly Renovations to Add Ductwork
Inflexibility of Temperature Control
Higher Utility Costs
Nosier Operation

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