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Pittsburgh’s ductless heating and cooling experts. Specializing in the installation of ductless air conditioners and mini-split systems. At 412 Ductless we provide you with advantages that you won’t find in most traditional heating and cooling systems.
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Why Choose Ductless?

Ductless means no ductwork! Ductless does not restrict your home or business to one central HVAC location and instead provides various compact options for placement such as indoor air handlers, wall-mounted units, concealed ceiling cassettes or floor mounted air handlers. Ductless ac and mini-splits are a great option for homes or businesses that do not have the option to install ductwork. The ductless heating and cooling installation process is simple and requires less construction than traditional systems.

Ductless systems can increase your energy saving by eliminating wasted energy that traditional systems use to heat and cool the entire home or office space. With Mitsubishi Ductless heating and cooling zoning systems, home and business owners have the opportunity to decrease their monthly utility bills because zoning systems provide options to turn on or off specific zones. At 412 Ductless we want to assist home and business owners with the process to find their individualized comfort level.

Using modern technology, Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling has created Kumo Cloud, a downloadable app for any smartphone or tablet device. Kumo Cloud allows users to manage their Mitsubishi Ductless heating and cooling system from any location. Kumo Cloud also alerts users when there is a system failure or time for a filter change. To learn more about our ductless services visit our services page.

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Air Quality
Breathe easier with an advanced multi-stage filtration system that removes and captures allergens, odors, and bacteria to improve indoor air quality.
Efficiency Icon
  Zone-by-zone controls allow each zone to be controlled independently creating energy-saving solutions while achieving your desired home temperature.  
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  Feel warm immediately with Hot-Start technology while utilizing minimal energy consumption.  
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Whisper Quiet
  Eliminate the noise of traditional systems with Mitsubishi ductless units.  
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Smart Controls
  Operate your system anytime anywhere with the Kumo Cloud app. Wireless control your heating and cooling system from your fingertips.  
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Constant Comfort
  3D I-See Sensor eliminates cold or hot spots by adjusting room temperatures from each air handler.  
412 Ductless

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Individually control up to eight zones from one outdoor unit for ideal personalized comfort throughout your home or in a single defined space.

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At 412 Ductless we specialize in Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling systems for your home or business. Our licensed and NATE-certified technicians are knowledgeable about all models of Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling equipment. If you are interested or have any questions about ductless ac or heating, contact 412 Ductless today!

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