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Is It Time To Replace Your Ductless System? These 6 Signs Point to “Yes”

Is It Time To Replace Your Ductless System? These 6 Signs Point to “Yes”


Ductless heating and cooling systems are one of the top HVAC choices for modern-day homes. With great energy efficiency and better air quality, there’s no wonder why many people opt to install ductless systems in their homes. But, when your system starts to reach the end of its lifespan, the cost of maintenance can add up quickly. To help you better understand when it may be time to call an HVAC repair company in Pittsburgh to discuss replacing your ductless system, we’re going to explore 6 signs it's time to replace your ductless system. 

Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Ductless System from HVAC Repair Experts in Pittsburgh

Like any HVAC system in your home, your ductless system will eventually reach the end of its lifespan. While some signs you may notice about your system may just call for general maintenance, some of these signs your ductless system is showing may point to a need for a replacement. Let’s get into it. 

Your System Has Aged

By design, ductless systems are built to last between 15-20 years. If you have maintained your system properly, you may notice that your system works just fine after this period. That being said, if your system goes without proper maintenance, you may need to replace your system before its life expectancy is over. Typically, when a system reaches the end of its life, it will likely be time for a replacement system as you’ll start to notice an increase in maintenance issues as your system ages. 

Your Ductless System Is No Longer Running Efficiently

Many people choose to install a ductless system in their house because it runs so efficiently. Because ductless systems constantly force air out rather than shutting off when your home reaches your desired temperature, your system operates at a much lower capacity. Therefore, a ductless system can save you money on your utility bills month by month. In fact, ductless systems can save you between 30-40% on monthly energy costs.  If you’ve noticed a significant increase in your bills, it may be a sign that your system requires maintenance or a replacement depending on the age. When you call in a professional HVAC repair technician in Pittsburgh, they will be able to take a look at your system and recommend the required maintenance or whether or not you should replace your system. 

You Have Noticed a Low AC Output

As we discussed earlier, ductless systems constantly force air out rather than shutting off completely. So, you should always feel some type of air output coming from your ductless systems. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your system needs to be replaced, but it could need some serious repairs. 

One of the most common reasons for a low AC output from your system is a refrigerant leak. Your ductless system uses refrigerant to keep your home cooled by shifting heat. Refrigerant leaks need to be repaired by a Pittsburgh HVAC repair technician, so it is best to call in a professional if you notice this. If your HVAC technician cannot resolve this issue, it’s time to replace your ductless system. 

You Have Noticed Water Puddles or Icy Buildup

If you’ve noticed puddles or maybe even no water dripping from your system at all, there could be a problem with your condensate line. Your system uses the condensate line to drain any moisture from the air in your house. With either of these problems, your condensate line may be clogged. If this issue is not resolved, water can back up into your system and cause mold and serious water damage. If you experience water puddles or no water dripping from your system after you have ensured your condensate line is not clogged, that is a sure sign it is time for a replacement. 

As for icy buildup, this can be caused by condensation buildup on a dirty evaporator coil, causing the coil to freeze. When your coil is frozen, it can no longer absorb heat from your home. With this, your cooling output will be greatly reduced. If the coil is not replaced or repaired, this can cause serious damage to your ductless system warranting a replacement. 

Your Ductless System Is Making Noise

Generally speaking, ductless systems operate quietly, so you should not experience too many sounds from your ductless system. If your system is popping or clicking, this is pretty normal as plastic housing materials will expand and contract with any changes in temperature in your home. If you hear swooshing, crackling, or gurgling from your system, this is a sign that your system is switching to defrost mode to stop it from freezing. This is also a normal sound to hear, but if you hear your system switching to defrost mode, this should raise some alarms for you. It could be low refrigerant, but it could also point to sensors malfunctioning. With electrical issues like this, the safest way to evaluate the issue is to call for professional HVAC repair services so they can identify the problem. 

You Have Had An Increased Need for HVAC Repair in Pittsburgh 

With any HVAC system in your home, an increased need for maintenance is a sure sign that your cooling and heating system requires a replacement. Ductless systems are typically very low maintenance, so if you have to constantly call for repairs, it more than likely means you should start thinking about replacing your system. After all, those repair costs will add up, and if you don’t replace your system, you may end up paying more than you should do to maintain your current system. 

If you’ve been experiencing any of these issues or a combination of these issues, it’s time to call in a professional. Your HVAC technician will help you understand whether your system needs replaced or if it needs maintenance for it to run properly. In need of an HVAC repair service? Contact 412 Ductless today to schedule an appointment so we can get to the root of what’s causing issues with your ductless system.