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When Does Your Ductless Heat Pump Need a Repair?

When Does Your Ductless Heat Pump Need a Repair?

Heat pumps have rapidly changed the heating and cooling industry as they’ve gained popularity in recent years. Because ductless heat pumps are so energy efficient, easy to install, and allow for more control over your home temperature, it's not hard to see why they’ve become the top choice for so many homeowners. 

Though these systems are excellent for heating and cooling your home, they won’t last forever. That’s why we’re reviewing the signs that your ductless heat pump is in need of repair. The more aware you are of the warning signs, the sooner you can fix your heat pump before things get any worse. Let’s start by going over the 5 key signs that your heat pump is in need of repair.

     1. Your Ductless Heat Pump is Making Strange Noises

Any unusual sound coming from your ductless heat pump is a cause for concern

woman turning on ductless AC
Don’t put off calling a technician to fix your heat pump.

When you’re using your ductless heat pump to heat your home on a cold day, you should hear almost nothing. Unlike ducted systems that usually announce the arrival of warm air with a distinct clanging noise, heat pumps are designed to run silently. That’s why you should be concerned if you begin to hear any noises coming from your indoor or outdoor unit. 

     2. Your System is Short Cycling

Your ductless heat pump should complete every heating cycle every time

young man wearing outerwear in home office cold
Don’t freeze yourself out waiting for your heat pump to kick on! 

Are you noticing that your ductless heat pump is only heating for very short periods of time? If you have, then it’s likely that your system is short cycling. This is a cause for concern not only because your heating will be less effective than normal, but also because it can wear out your system. When your ductless heater is turning on and off more than usual it will begin to break down the mechanics before the end of its service life. Short cycling also ends up using more energy than regular cycling, which affects your utility bills. 

      3. Your Energy Bills are Increasing

Ductless systems should save you money on your heating, not increase your bills

young couple looking at energy bills on kitchen counter
Compare your energy bills with last year to determine if something is wrong.

Speaking of high energy bills, it is important to mention that high energy bills are a sign that a heat pump is in need of repair. Of course, your energy bills will naturally fluctuate over time. But, if you are noticing an exceptionally high energy bill or a major spike in your energy use, it could be a malfunction with your heat pump. Not to mention, your heat pump should be conserving energy — not wasting it. A spike in energy consumption combined with inconsistent heating is a sure sign that you need to repair your heating pump.

      4. Your Indoor Unit is Pumping Out Cold Air on a Heat Setting

If your heat pump is no longer able to produce heat, repairs are definitely necessary

young man replacing filter in heat pump
Your heat pump should be able to switch between heating and cooling without issue.

One of the great things about ductless systems is that they are able to both heat and cool your home depending on the time of year. Once you turn your setting from cooling to heating as the outdoor temperatures drop, you should immediately feel warm air coming from your indoor unit. If your indoor unit is blowing out cold air while on a heat setting, it is a clear indication that your system needs to be repaired.

     5. Your System is Leaking

A leak coming from your heat pump is never a good sign

technician drilling outdoor heat pump unit
If any part of your indoor or outdoor unit is leaking, it should be a cause for concern.

If your heat pump is leaking water at any point, it is likely a sign of a malfunction. In most cases, a leaking heat pump is due to a clogged condensate drain or a refrigerant leak, both of which are serious issues that can end up damaging your heater beyond repair. To avoid a system breakdown, you should shut off your heat pump and call a professional for repairs. 

What Should I Do If I Notice These Issues?

If you notice any of the above warning signs, you should call a professional to take a look at your heat pump

technician inspecting heat pump
Always hire a trusted professional to fix your heat pump — do not attempt yourself.

Your heat pump should be able to keep you warm without any noise, leaks, short cycles, or any of the other signs of breakdown we listed above. If your heater is showing the warning signs, you should call a professional to take a look as soon as possible. The sooner a skilled technician can address the problem, the less your heat pump will be damaged and the sooner you will be feeling warm and comfortable again.

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